Friday, December 09, 2005

Pics: Some more before restoration work was started.

A shot of the front axel and steering.

Passengers wing, quite dented but will still be used,
Drivers door,
A shot of the rear axel and susspension,

Passengers side rear cross member,
Drivers side rear cross member,
Fuel tank filling points are locatewd on the top of the boot,
All but one tyre needs to be replace as there cracking,

One of two rear fuel tanks,
Bonnet + armour plate = one bloody heavy bonnet,

Gearbox bellhousing panel, also needed repairs,
Radiator and fan shroud, some spot welds needed rewelding,

Saturday, December 03, 2005

Pics: Before restoration work was started.

Outside of one of the turrets.
Inside one of the turrets.
Ditto below.
Smoke disscharges(whats left of them).
Turret hatches.
Rear crew seat (behind passengers seat).
Fuel tank tap and pumps.
Fuel tank tap and fuel pump cover.
Drivers floor, more interiour linning fallen off.
A shot of the rear of the gearbox, fuel pumps and chassis.
Rear escape hatch, "not for the well built".

Bumper is split in severall places so instead of trying to weld galvinised metal together I'll find a replacement.
Leaking stearing box as usuall, will be rebuilt.
Front end, showing the waffer thin brake lines+perished anti roll bar rubbers.
Inside of a vission flap.
Windscreens are in good order, the rubbers are still good also, bonnet hinge mount has been bent.
Another shot of the chassis.
Vission block. A rubbish pic of the 2.6Ltr straight six engine, dexion was used to mount the radiator so we could drive it into the back garden.
One of two fuel tank filler flaps located on the top of the boot.
Shot of the rear fighting compartment, black tray is where the battery goes.
Interiour covering pealing of by itself, very common I hear.
Rear boot top, showing the escape hatch and fuel filler flap(on left of pic)
Another shot of the passengers cab area.
Door (lining not original).
Rear end along with the radiator armour and one bloody heavy bonnet.
In the back garden, before we started work.
Rear end, light units are knackard.
Rear fighting compartment+escape hatch.
Vission flap locks.
Passengers area, floor had been removed to carry out the welding on the footwell, (the chassis is in good order).
Head linning missing.
Fuel tank changeover tap.